Why I removed 'non-duality' from the title of my page


Non-duality, including the outward-facing path, is but a halfway stage to Embodied Understanding. Once the illusion is recognised for what it is, why would Awareness want to only know itself? Indeed, isn’t the whole point of this illusion to experience love with another? To experience joy in creation? To taste all the delicious foods, enjoy the smells of flowers, feel rain falling on one’s skin, bathe in the beauty of unfolding old and new relationships, sing one’s happiness, move one’s body, express one’s self in the most authentic possible way? All the while knowing full well that your peace and happiness is not dependent on any object of experience. 


Why escape from the illusion? Why not embrace it fully? So what if the body is a super-imposed concept of the mind? So what if Awareness only experiences itself? Embracing everything - the good and bad, the joy and the sadness, the life and the death - is what we are here for. And yes, this is only possible after recognising our True Nature as Awareness. But once that is completed, it is only spiritual ego that will want you to stay there.


Abide as Awareness only when you feel like you are lost in the content of experience in an unhelpful way. If you are joyous, feeling happy, wanting to share your love with others, do so - as a human, without pretence or overly-intelligence statements implying a desire to feel superior in some way.


Just be yourself fully - including the beautiful, human, time-bound life that you’ve been given. Celebrate all things! 


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