How do I stabilise as Awareness?



Q: I've heard some teachers say that there comes a balance - that this Awareness begins to stand as a "person" in daily activities, but the root of identity is known as Awareness and is no longer perceived to be the solid old identity. A friend told me it is like understanding one's identity as Awareness itself, and - once the truth stabilises - peace permeates the background of experience throughout the day. I am starting to notice the peace more and more, and yet at the same time I fear that I may go insane. 


A: Sanity is being at peace and happy independent of circumstances, or - in other words - to know your Self as the Awareness within which everything arises and in which it fades. Your friend is correct - having explored our True Nature, it becomes clear that all things appear and fade in the 'I am'. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, sights, relationships - all of these come and go. But what they appear in - Awareness itself - remains changeless. As such, a re-identification happens from being a 'separate self' interacting with 'a world' to knowing that both the mind and the world appear within You, Awareness. Then, actions are taken from this new perspective, the most important part of which is the Knowing that you cannot be hurt or affected by experience. This Knowing brings about actions that are in line with Love & Beauty, and are taken on behalf of Awareness itself.