Advancing on the spiritual path (tables)



The table outlines 6+ levels of advancing on the spiritual path. It aims to bring clarity on the evolution of Consciousness on Earth. This could help spiritual guides and teachers understand their impact on a wider scale. Please note that the levels are a generalised concept of what the spiritual path looks like.


Level 1 - the most difficult to move on from. On this level, there is little space for self-awareness and a general feeling of being a victim of life. 


Level 2 - individuals begin to explore the idea of a deeper meaning in life. There is more mental flexibility and the introduction to the possibility that change can happen. 


Level 3 - a change of thought pattern or behaviour might have been experienced in one’s life. There is the beginning of a glimpse into the concept “I am not only my mind and my body” through modalities such as psychology, therapy, NLP, mindfulness etc. 


Level 4 - the spiritual path begins. Here, there is a deep desire for exploration and inner change. 


Level 5 - there is a deeper understanding of the world being a reflection of one’s mind. Once this is understood more fully, the desire for control diminishes, followed by the beginning of truly letting go. 


Level 6 - the understanding that who I am is all-encompassing, ever-present, and unaffected by experiences. 

Level 6+ - the never-ending deepening of the understanding above.

For a general comparison between the life circumstances of level 6 and level 6+, please see table 2 below.


Table 1:


*Modality here means 'theory and practice'. For a more comprehensive list of modalities, please visit 'Three stages of Awakening' (table).

Table 2:




In 2020:

  • Approximately 2 billion of the world’s population are on levels 1 and 2
  • The large majority are on levels 3 and 4
  • Less than 1 billion are on levels 5 and above. 

The movement of people on levels 3 and 4 upwards has the highest potential to create a shift in consciousness on Earth, since they are currently the large majority. The beauty of life on our planet is that teachers are provided on every level.


The popularity of mindfulness and yoga is already astounding, and it was definitely not the case 30 years ago. In 30 more years, I expect most people to have heard of advanced spiritual modalities such as non-duality, which would inevitably increase the number of those on levels 5 and above. 


Just as the process of embodying the understanding is never-ending on a personal level, so the journey is endless on a collective level. 


Only when the majority of us are at peace will the world be peaceful. The current number is approximately 2% - even after people reach levels 5 and above, there is a journey to peace regardless of circumstance. In Truth, of course, the healing of the world has already happened. 


To the awakening of humanity,

Boyan (and Nicola)