Structurally supporting the Awakening of all beings and the resulting world peace



Only when the majority of us know our True Nature will there be world peace. The question, then, is: how to get to this in the quickest possible way and minimise overall suffering over time? 


The short answer is: by making sure that all religions and spiritual organisations, governments, companies and other organisations, and schools and universities point people towards the understanding of our shared Being. 


This has already begun: 

  • Some religions are allowing their members to come in and out at will, which in turn leads to more openness to exploring other religions and spiritual perspectives, instead of creating division and conflict. 
  • International organisations such as the United Nations (UN) or the European Union are already in place, allowing for differences between countries while also aiming to maintain the peace. 
  • Companies are beginning to see the humanity of their employees and invest more in their happiness. 
  • Many schools and universities have introduced mindfulness and are paying more attention to the mental health of their students. 

But more can be done:

  • It should be known that spiritual growth is gradual, and that with each stage a new understanding is required. As people progress on the path of spiritual development, they need to be supported by society through flexible structures that allow them to move at their own pace.
  • We should aim to move one step beyond the UN and have a global organisation that unites and coordinates the world. UN-like organisations, national governments and local governments will still handle affairs at their own level, united in the understanding of our shared Being and common habitat.
  • Individual companies should support the structures put in place by the above.
  • In schools and universities, knowledge around our True Nature should be gradually shared and integrated into all subject areas.

It is important to understand that world peace is not the aim. It is the outcome of the knowing of our essential Self by the majority of the global population. 


To the awakening of all beings,