How to 'win at life'? 


In one way or another, all of us are looking to “win at life”. But what does it really mean? Who are the real winners? 


Society tells us that to win means to achieve a lot - being successful at business, writing tons of books, having many friends and thousands of followers, having a beautiful and loving marriage, and owning lots of money.


Although there is nothing wrong with these things, we have plenty of examples of people that have “won” in that way, and yet are unhappy or even suicidal. 


Why does that happen?


It happens because they have tried to find lasting happiness in temporary experiences. Again, there is nothing wrong with seeking such material success, and there are also plenty of examples of people who have reached such success and are genuinely happy. The problem comes when happiness is equated to the amount of ‘success’. The two are actually totally independent. 


Winning at life is to be happy and at peace independent of circumstances. That means embracing the ups and downs of experience fully, while knowing that you are inherently free from all of it. 


In order to reach such a depth of peace, it is necessary to look into the ingrained societal conditioning, and to let go of all limitations that it has placed upon you. The most fundamental part of that conditioning is the idea that your self is limited and temporary. Understanding your True Self will help you let go of all conditioning in the most direct way. By knowing yourself as the field within which all experience arises, you simultaneously know that you are unaffected by these experiences, and remain ever-present. Nothing can hurt you, challenge you, make you sad or depressed, confuse you, or make you tense. 


How to look in the right direction?

  • Do not try and succeed in time. Find timelessness instead. 
  • Do not focus on magnifying the abilities of your mind and body. Find your True Self instead. 
  • Do not seek future gratification. Be here now. 
  • Do not live on the shallow surface of life. Look to know, understand, and Be, its depths. 

Ultimately, the illusion of “winning” or “losing” is just that - an illusion.


Simply Be. 



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