How will the world end? 



The world will end just as it began - with the fading away of the belief in time and space.


Time and space emerged simultaneously with the idea of separation. In order to experience this idea, Infinity divided itself into an ever-expanding field (space) within which objects appear and disappear in time.


One of these objects is the world as it is today known through the human mind. The world is a simulation of projection, through which we can see all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions that are based on the illusory belief in separation. As such, we are ‘actors’ playing our parts in the play, or - as Ram Das says - we are walking each other Home.


Once Home is recognised, the world cannot remain our Home. The concept of the world is gone, and the Reality of it is clearly seen. Now, there is only Beauty. The Earth is known as the home of the body. Consciousness is known as the Home of the mind. Both return to their Sources respectively.


The end of the world is the end of humanity’s belief in separation. The end of the Earth will come at a time way beyond the timeline of the existence of human species. Home can be found only Now.


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