5 reasons to come back to the Now when you are resisting it



  1. What you are currently experiencing is God’s Will for you in this moment

    God is all-knowing, all-encompassing, and all-loving. As such, what is unfolding now must be perfect. If you were to analyse why a certain thought or feeling occurs to you, you would need to go back to your childhood, that of your parents, that of their generation and the generations prior to that, etc. As such, no object of experience is random. Resisting what is means that you resist everything that has happened prior to that occurrence. In other words, you are taking on the entire Universe. Instead, why not accept that this is the moment that is unfolding for you, that this is God’s Will for you now?

  2. What you are experiencing is non-personal

    As explained above, what occurs to you is not personal, it belongs to the entire human species. What you are doing is not suffering pointlessly on your own (as the mind sometimes likes to say) - you are actually providing a pathway for everyone to heal. Think of all the people in your situation right now that have similar thoughts, feelings, fears, and desires. Know that you are healing them, too.

  3. What you are experiencing is personal

    Even though the above is true, sometimes the ego uses this knowledge as a means to escape from what is happening by saying “it does not belong to me, and as such I want to avoid it”. It does belong to you, you must be connected to it in some way. You are experiencing it, therefore it is yours, too. Most important of all, you are healing your own mind/body, and it receives the benefits most directly.

  4. This is the Now - why resist it?

    Whatever is happening is already happening. Just embrace it fully. Accept the Now for the simple reason that it is the Now. Not accepting it creates a false self. Accepting it equals peace and happiness, always.

  5. You want this

    Think of all the reasons why you want what is currently happening. What is it bringing you? What is it letting you release and let go of? What benefits will that bring to your life? Instead of passively accepting and embracing what is, here you realise you actively want it (without being attached to it).


By frequently coming back to the five points above, you will let go of resistance and realise that what you have been resisting is not really the cause of your suffering, just the trigger for an old emotion to come to the surface. By being with the emotion, embracing it, and wanting it, you allow it to return to Source and reveal your True Nature.