Moral correctness


Q: I find it difficult to live in this world and do things in the morally correct way. The fear is that I will somehow get punished if I know something is morally wrong but I do it anyway. It’s hard going against the norm so much and so often, when everybody is going in another direction. Even though I know it’s right, it’s difficult to always do it.  

What are your thoughts on this? 


A: It sounds to me like you are saying that what the world expects from you is "morally correct". Yet, the world is functioning in large part in accordance to separate selves that operate based on fear. As such, a lot of the norms and beliefs that the world promotes are not morally correct.


Also, in the world, punishment comes in the form of prison or somehow hurting the body. Jesus and other such teachers taught us very clearly that this type of punishment is irrelevant to Truth and ascension. The only possible 'true' punishment would be some kind of punishment by God, but as we know God is all-loving, all-embracing, all-accepting. The ego can project its suffering on Him, but it's not true. 


Having said this, I just want to emphasise that today's world is very open and accepting, and as such it is not necessary to go against its laws to go deeper in the direction of Truth.



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