Giving and receiving

Just like everything else (thoughts, sensations, perceptions), money needs to flow. There is no need to hold onto any financials, as holding onto it and planning is a sign of mistrust, a placing of your safety and security onto a particular number in a bank account or material possession.


Safety and security cannot be found in the ever-changing world. They can only be found in that which is changeless - your Self. By your 'Self', I do not mean your ever-changing body, feelings, and thoughts - I mean that which is aware of them.


Many understand this intellectually, but do not apply it on a day-to-day basis. As such, they do not live the Truth of who they are, they believe it. Belief is a trap that can only lead to suffering.


You can only lose that which you hold onto. Hold onto nothing, no-thing. Be liberated. Be free. Be yourself. Live a peaceful and happy life by placing your trust in that which is worthy of it. Do not let your value be determined by societal gains, material possessions, or what others say about you. Your value is inherent in your Being, in the fact that you are.


Do not be afraid of loss, as loss is only possible if you believe in scarcity. And it is this belief in scarcity that creates it in the world. It generates greediness, which leads to inequality and poverty.


If humanity is One, how can someone's greed on one side of the planet not have an impact on those on the other side? Of course they would. Your actions do not only affect you. They affect everyone. As such, be giving, caring, and kind. You are only being generous towards yourself.


Giving is a natural expression of knowing the abundance that is You. Do not hold back. Give what you can. Your reward is the giving itself, not the return may come back to you.


Be the change you want to see in the world. The human world, made of individuals, cannot change unless all work together towards the creation of a new, more truthful, more honest world. 


Do not let norms dictate your behaviour. They keep changing. Follow your heart instead - it will always be right.