There is no edge to the Universe


Trying to find an edge to the Universe is one of the most pointless activities humans have ever undertaken


The Universe is not an object in space and time. This is only so from the perspective of a separate self. The Universe is dimensionless, eternal and infinite. Good luck trying to find the edge! 


Actually, trying to find the edge of the Universe comes from exactly the same limitedness as the people that used to say that the world is flat. Previous generations used to be afraid that they would find an edge to the world, and would fall over once they reach it. The same implication is true for the exploration of the ‘end of the Universe’ - it implies that there is something outside of it. It is based on a fearful and limited assumption that everything has a start and end point. 


In just the same way as you (mind/body) would never fall if you keep walking around the Earth, it would be impossible to find the edge of the Universe no matter how many light years you (mind/body in a rocket) travel within it. 


Let’s imagine we are looking into each other’s eyes. I see the reflection of my body in your eyes, and you see the reflection of your body in my eyes, infinitely. Let’s now imagine that we can jump into each other’s eye, and become what used to be the reflection. Let’s imagine we can do this an infinite number of times - it would seem like we are moving towards something, that we are getting somewhere, that we are ‘going deeper’ or travelling, wouldn’t it? But of course, with this image it is very clear that it can go on forever, and we will never get anywhere different than where we already are. 


That’s the Universe. Dimensionless, limitless, timeless, all-encompassing. From the perspective of a body that believes itself to be separate from it, though, it can seem like there is something finite to explore and go deeper into. 


The Universe is Consciousness. All things appear and disappear within it, and it remains changeless. As such, the Universe is conscious, and knows that it is conscious through all of its objects of experience, which it only experiences as itself. 


The big bang is not the appearance of the Universe. The big bang is the appearance of the Milky Way, or the Universe as observable by the human mind. 


Now, who am I - a little mind/body sitting in a room in London - to make such a claim about the Universe? How can I possibly know this with such certainty? This is a question I am often asked - why do I make all of these assumptions, and state them with such conviction?! 


They are not assumptions - you know all this just as well as I do. 


Let me ask you this: 


Right now, are you conscious?…


Now, who is the ‘I’ that is conscious?:

  • Are you a body? 
  • Are you a thought?
  • Are you a feeling?
  • Are you a sensation?

All that you will find after an honest exploration of these questions is that you are Consciousness. This article, then, is not about the Universe - I am only talking about our Self. 


Apply these questions in practice through honest self-enquiry.