1 divided by Infinity

1 divided by infinity gives a number ever closer to 0 (which is an error, because it never reaches 0 - think about the Large Hadron Collider). 1 divided by 0 gives an error. 


Infinity divided by 1 is infinity. 0 divided by 1 is 0.


The whole world focuses around understanding the error. How can you divide a finite object by Infinity? Of course that is an error. Yet, that is what we are trying to do when we say the body (a finite object) is creating Consciousness (the infinite). It only gives an error - which is shown in the amount of suffering there is in the world. 


If we go the other way around - Consciousness creating the objective world, everything falls into place. No matter how many objects there are, they are always made from Consciousness. The answer is then clear - despite the appearance of separation and limitation, everything is Consciousness. 


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