Do multiple realities exist?  


Q: I've come up with a list of questions:

  • Do unlimited possibilities exist ?
  • Is the mind susceptible to programming ?
  • Rather than a reactive mind, is it possible to expand my awareness ?
  • Does an awakened, enlightened mind give me the possibilities to live whatever reality I want?

A: I think all of your questions are related. Here are my answers:

  • No, reality can unfold in only one way
  • Yes, the patterns of the mind can change and become more or less aligned with its Source (Awareness)
  • Awareness itself cannot expand, but you can switch from identifying with the mind to identifying with Awareness. When this happens, your thoughts and behaviours change to be an expression of this True Self, which is always present and at peace.
  • An enlightened mind is simply a mind that accepts and allows things to be as they are.