Eyes that see


If you could but exchange your worldly eyes for eyes that see,

you would see an extraordinary miracle unfolding

beings of light exchanging words and experiences that lead them only to expansion,

to love, to a further understanding of Truth


You would see that your pain is this glowing jewel of beauty inside of your body that leads to the ascension of your soul

you would see that your suffering is a gift tenderly wrapped up in gold, given you directly from God

you would see no separation, but an infinite field of ever-changing glowing forms

each shining equally strong, but made of different coloured diamonds


You would smile and rejoice in the Beauty that we call Life

you would trust and have faith that all goes according to a Higher Will

you would laugh at the idea of a physical reality

you would cry because no one else would see reality like you


Yet you would try and explain what is true and real

words fail that which can only be experienced

the magnitude and magnificence of your life is beyond description

for it is inter-connected with that of innumerable others by multicoloured beams of light


Only God can experience such Love all at once

only He can orchestrate the strings that lead us all back Home

a play within a play within a play - what Joy! 

the miraculous is only waiting for your eyes to open



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