Does a dowsing tool give deeper answers than the intuition of the body? 


Q: Does a dowsing tool give deeper answers than the intuition of the body?  


A: At first, the dowsing tool is an extension of the intuition of the body - coming across it and beginning to use it means you are already following your intuition to a great extent. When they find out about it, people usually dowse in order to know what diet they should be on, understand how clear the energy of a physical space is, or making other practical decisions in the world. In some aspects of life, then, they trust this tool more than they trust their body. By frequently using the tool, the body slowly opens and its intuition becomes stronger - it begins to ‘feel’ the answers as they are received. 


Whether the dowsing tool is used for particular aspects of life or for every decision, this spiral-like process can continue endlessly. As such, the two things - the dowsing tool and the body - are not separate. Sometimes the body guides us to use dowsing tools (as in the cases above), at other times the dowsing tools guide us to trust the body. The beauty of this unfolding is that the interaction between the two is constantly changing and evolving. 


The purpose of the dowsing tools and the body is to bring you back to the present moment. Although we can rest as Awareness always, when we ‘come back to the world’ most of us feel and behave as separate human beings. Our intuition then guides us to find and release all the resistances we still hold as beliefs and tensions in our mind/body. From a true perspective, the body and the dowsing tool are both receptors of information, and intuition is Awareness Itself. 


Resting as Awareness and watching mystery unfold is an incredible journey. Knowing that nothing is random and trusting that a Higher Intelligence is taking care of every aspect of life is truly miraculous.