Having weird thoughts about cancer and death

The fear of being Almighty


Q: I'm having these weird thoughts, such as 'I want cancer' or 'I want my mother to die'. And on some level, I believe them. What can I do about them? 


A: At some stage in the spiritual journey, what may happen is that you believe yourself to be Almighty. Thoughts may begin appearing such as: “I want cancer”, or “my mother will die just because I think this”. Whatever the thought is, it is something ‘unwanted’ that can potentially manifest. 


This comes because of a confusion of levels. Who you believe yourself to be - a mind/body or separate self that is limited and will eventually die - has taken over your mind and is doing its best to ‘stay alive’. The fear of death is so strong that it becomes a scary, wanted, event. The ego is holding onto its life by projecting seemingly scary scenarios on the surface of the mind, and to show you just how terrible life will be if you continue along this journey. This is done in order for you to stop exploring your True Nature and accept the life of misery and suffering that the ego will bring you.  


What is true is this: thoughts come and go. The truth behind the stories you hear of people visualising their 'dream life' and it coming true is simply that these visualisations were actually premonitions. Thoughts do not have any power - they are either describing what has happened or telling you about what will happen. 


God, or that which is Almighty, has no desire to control experience whatsoever. He is accepting all things exactly as they are.


And you are one with God.


As such, you are Almighty, all-encompassing, the All-that-there-is. Your power simply does not lie on the level of mind. The mind is part of you - your Almightiness is Being itself.