From 1-to-1 sessions: 

"Having spent three months working with Boyan once a week, I am now able to deal with a number of issues, both professional and personal, that had been causing me problems for quite some time. His coaching has helped me find the confidence to tackle problems head-on instead of brushing them under the carpet, and he has taught me techniques to help deal with the many stress factors in my life. Thanks to his coaching method I feel I am coping better with my heavy workload and family commitments."

~Nikki, Company Director

"I really enjoyed my one-on-one coaching session with Boyan. I felt more settled and self-connected, and had a greater sense of creativity after the session. I felt Boyan’s presence - he had some beautiful ways of supporting me getting out of my usual mode, my usual way of thinking, bringing me more into a meditative state, while at the same time allowing space for my own ideas and sense of where I wanted to go to come forth during the session. I felt a sense of joy, playfulness and real connection with him. I find that kind of present, responsive, respectful, empathic coaching really valuable and very helpful for me in my life.

I highly recommend his work."

~David Shakun, founder of WisdomNet


"My goal was to make myself concentrated on the thing I am doing at a certain moment and not to be distracted by other people, things or especially thoughts that are running through my head all the time. Boyan’s help came just in time as I had a very important Finance exam to pass within a limited time. He suggested a couple of exercises and showed me different ways of looking into my thoughts. 

Thanks to these techniques and to Boyan coaching me by answering my questions and leading me, I managed to finalise my study and pass my exam, and also to prepare two Finance presentations and to prepare myself to present them. This was an amazing achievement for me. A huge ‘Thank you’ Boyan for showing me the way of being focused and keep my energy for the things I want to achieve my goals. I am continuing to practice and improve myself and I am looking forward to joining future events with Boyan."

~ Elena, Head of Finance and Operations


From past programs and meditations:

“I really enjoyed the program. I enjoyed the meditations the most. I find it hard to do them on my own - I need guided meditations. It is also difficult for me to find meditations that I would enjoy 100%. I really liked all of them, as well as the one-to-one session with you focused around my fear of flying. I learned to focus on being in the present, and I feel so much abundance in that presence!”



“I really liked the meditations - I really struggle with doing meditation at the moment. I know that meditating for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening makes a world of difference, but I can’t commit to doing it on my own. So I really enjoyed doing the group meditations, and it was nice to have a group chat. 

This program also confirmed what I came with and knew from the start - it’s just about letting go, really. The one-to-one was helpful as well. Thank you.”



“Boyan was great at gently leading us and pacing the conversations and meditations. He is a good listener and encourages us to continue exploring, and often comes up with impressive quotes from various sources that are said at just the right time to allow each of us to better understand the weekly topic.

I also liked this program because of the people that were brought together. It was very interesting for me to hear what everyone else had to say. We learned a lot from Boyan, but also from each other”



“I thoroughly enjoyed meditating with Boyan. His meditations gave me a good opportunity to take a break in a relaxed environment during my busy work day. They also got me into a more mindful state, which usually increased my productivity and focus for the remainder of the day. Boyan’s approach to meditation is quite interesting and he often explores original ideas during the meditation sessions.”



“I really enjoyed the meditation and felt relaxed and uplifted. I especially liked the part about ‘we are not our image in the mirror’. What a nice thought and it made me not want to be so hard on myself/critical of myself.”



“Thank you Boyan for your very good lessons. I have in particular very much appreciated :
- The music in the background;
- Your guiding us during the meditation all the time. Without this guiding, my mind goes dreaming;
- Your voice is melodious which is very important while listening.”



“These meditations would allow you to free your mind of all stresses and just enjoy being; to take time out and focus on what’s important; to be ‘in tune’ with oneself; to breathe and take in the experience.

Boyan is an excellent speaker, very knowledgeable, easy to listen to - very gentle on the ears.”



“Boyan allows for great flexibility over how you experience the meditation by creating a very trusting and open space. I particularly liked the body scan part, and thinking about the edge between oneself and the outside world; to consider our bodily skin / edge as less of a physical barrier and more of a meeting point for sensations.”


"I experienced a nice sense of calm and release"