From coaching sessions

Having spent three months working with Boyan once a week, I am now able to deal with a number of issues, both professional and personal, that had been causing me problems for quite some time. His coaching has helped me find the confidence to tackle problems head-on instead of brushing them under the carpet, and he has taught me techniques to help deal with the many stress factors in my life. Thanks to his coaching method I feel I am coping better with my heavy workload and family commitments. ~Nikki, Company Director


I really enjoyed my one-on-one coaching session with Boyan. I felt more settled and self-connected, and had a greater sense of creativity after the session. I felt Boyan’s presence - he had some beautiful ways of supporting me getting out of my usual mode, my usual way of thinking, bringing me more into a meditative state, while at the same time allowing space for my own ideas and sense of where I wanted to go to come forth during the session. I felt a sense of joy, playfulness and real connection with him. I find that kind of present, responsive, respectful, empathic coaching really valuable and very helpful for me in my life.

I highly recommend his work. ~David Shakun, founder of WisdomNet


My goal was to make myself concentrated on the thing I am doing at a certain moment and not to be distracted by other people, things or especially thoughts that are running through my head all the time. Boyan’s help came just in time as I had a very important Finance exam to pass within a limited time. He suggested a couple of exercises and showed me different ways of looking into my thoughts. 

Thanks to these techniques and to Boyan coaching me by answering my questions and leading me, I managed to finalise my study and pass my exam, and also to prepare two Finance presentations and to prepare myself to present them. This was an amazing achievement for me. A huge ‘Thank you’ Boyan for showing me the way of being focused and keep my energy for the things I want to achieve my goals. I am continuing to practice and improve myself and I am looking forward to joining future events with Boyan. ~Elena


From events

Personalised Healing Meditation (Live Group Event): 

I liked the focus on prioritising individual issues; coming together as a group physically and mentally; the link to Lynne McTaggart and the Power of 8; and feeling positive and excited after healing. I will use the power of positive imagining and focus on what I want. I will also think of others in the group and hope things are going well. ~Karen 


I learned that I could achieve peace of mind even if only for a few seconds at a time. I liked holding hands and being together as a group. ~Maggie Z .


I liked the breaks + felt the pace between healings was just right. I am excited about the intentions and seeing how things will work out for people. I was surprised & pleased at how reciprocal the healing was & how good it felt to heal other people. ~Vita Oldershaw


I learned how to open myself up to complete strangers, and I will remember the circle of positive energy. I also liked the fact that not everything was planned ~Lisa M.


It made it easier for me to talk with others. When you want to say something or are feeling something, you can easily share it with the other people. ~Jessica Chou


‘Tap into your Inner Genius’ Event: 

I learnt that my creativity does not have to come from my sad state of being; that I can also be happy and creative. I also particularly liked Boyan’s tone of voice during meditations - it was very relaxing. I will be coming for more! ~Justyna Belkevic


Meetup meditation on Time: 

The meditation felt to me like it was only 5 minutes. I enjoyed it. Thank you. Now when I'm somewhere I don't want to be I have found ways to speed time up. ~Amber Olson


Online Personalised Healing Meetup Meditation:

Thanks Boyan, the session was very healing and calming indeed. I felt relaxed from the moment I was connected to the chat. Would definitely recommend to others and I will come along again for sure! ~Erdem