Dear friend,


I'm excited to share my vision for spreading the Non-dual teachings to the world with. you. For many years now, I've been offering 1-to-1 sessions, a 6-month program with 8 mini-courses, and frequent 30min & longer live events to help people connect with their True Nature and experience the freedom and joy that comes with it.


I know from experience that Non-duality has the power to transform lives, and I want this message to reach as many people as possible. That's why I'm offering these various options in which you can support the growth of my business and help me expand my reach.


With your support, however small or big, I'll be able to:

  • Develop new content and resources that make the Non-dual teachings accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial situation
  • Reach a wider audience through targeted advertising and social media campaigns
  • Continue hosting frequent live events and retreats for people to come together and experience the transformative power of Non-duality online and in person
  • Expand my team so that I can focus more on teaching and creating content while others handle administrative tasks and customer support

In return for your support, I'm offering a range of rewards that provide real value and exclusive access to my teachings. Depending on your level of support, you could receive:

  • An exclusive monthly newsletter that includes all the gratitude messages that I’ve received that month
  • Exclusive access to my latest premium content & a thank you postcard
  • Invitations to my next 30min live events, where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals
  • Access to all of the mini-courses from my 6-month program, which will give you practical tools and insights for living a life that is aligned with Non-duality
  • Personalised 1-to-1 sessions with me to deepen your understanding of Non-duality (depending on availability)

You can find the different options below:




Support Level




Level 1 - £50 and above

  • Access to all premium meditations and live event recordings


Level 2 - £200 and above

  • A monthly newsletter with all the thanks & gratitude messages that I've received that month

  • A personal postcard from me to thank you for your support


Level 3 - £350 and above

  • Access to a short course of your choice and a single 1-to-1 session with me


Level 4 - £1000 and above

  • Access to the “Applied Non-duality” 6-month program with 8 mini-courses and one-to-one sessions (depending on your donation and availability)



Please note that each subsequent support level can include all the rewards from the previous levels. Let me know via email which rewards you would like to receive after you’ve made a donation :) 


Your support will not only help the growth of my business, but most importantly it will contribute to the spreading of the Non-dual teachings and positively impact thousands of people. Together, we can create a more peaceful, compassionate and awakened world.


Thank you for considering supporting my vision, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Love & gratitude,