I Love God, the Absolute, the All Knowing

He Gives, He Loves, He Enjoys, He Smiles

My Heart goes to Him Only

My Soul dances in Him


Rejoice! God is Almighty

Rejoice! Hear His Voice

To those who hear the Call 

thou are Heavenly blessed


Do not neglect your unhappiness

Do not flee from pain

God has given you the Cure

which is no other than Himself


He shares His Being with you

for eternity everlasting

Do not forget your Father, child

like He never forgets you


Isn’t it fair to answer Love with Love? 

Isn’t it natural to appreciate a Gift?

Isn’t it effortless to say ‘Thank you’ to Kindness?

Isn’t it beauty when One shares his Own Being! 


Love only God

For only He Loves you

Trust only God

For only He trusts you

Know only God

For only He knows you


The path is clear and simple

if you put your faith in the right place


God will do what it takes

to bring you back Home