The balance between accepting what is and manifesting what I want


Q: Hey there! Are you saying you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction? I’ve been working with it for some time now while also working on surrendering to and accepting everything that comes into my awareness, as I’m going through some intense stuff, and I’ve wondered for some time how to reconcile these two world views…one stating that I am not in control and only control my *reactions* to what happens, and the other stating that I am a powerful co-creator who has a say in *everything* that happens and, therefore, if I match the frequency of my desires (and feel secure, prosperous, joyful, etc.), they will come to me (Law of Attraction.) Do you have any thoughts on this? I 100% feel on a deep, soul level that I am not my thoughts but am the one observing them, and therefore, it doesn’t really matter what thoughts go through my head or even what I feel or what happens in my life; I can surrender and practice radical acceptance and be 100% fulfilled…and at the same time, I know I need to make a living and want to manifest a great job and financial abundance, and in order to do that, I need to believe deeply that I am already prosperous so it will flow to me. I agree fulfilment is what I already am but I’m kind of caught between accepting what (little) work and money I have and wanting to believe I have a surplus so in turn I do... Thank you


A: Great question! Thank you for articulating it so clearly. 


By accepting everything that comes into Awareness, and knowing our Self as that Awareness, there comes the recognition that there is no separation between the mind, body, and world - they all happen within. The Law of Attraction points to this same Truth by saying that our thoughts and feelings are reflected in or by the world. However, this happens effortlessly - there is no need to create a separation between the two (a self and a world), and for that self to then have to work on creating what it wants in the world. Instead, recognise that your Self is already fulfilled and all-encompassing, and effortlessly accepts and embraces all the thoughts and feelings that arise. 


Instead of trying to believe in and imagine a better reality, I would suggest fully accepting the current reality, including all the underlying thoughts and feelings that are saying that you do not currently have the life you want. Recognising your innate Wholeness means that your objective experience - meaning your thoughts, feelings or situation in the world - does not matter and is always perfect as it is. Prosperity and abundance are not things you need to believe in - they are already here. Everything happens within You, Awareness, and as such there is nothing outside of You - You are literally everything.