How do I make Awareness practical? 


Q: I enjoyed reading a few articles of yours . That really makes sense. I am trying my best to understand, as it is quite abstract and more about our true self. 


A: Yes, at first it seems a bit abstract and not very related to our day-to-day experience.


Maybe we ask ourselves questions like: "What is this thing called 'Awareness', I can't even touch it or see it!"

And since it is not objective, we assume it cannot be 'used' or be 'practical' in some tangible way.


The practical side comes on the level of the mind and of emotions first. We recognise that our true self - that which is Aware - is not dependent on, or affected by, our thoughts or feelings. With this recognition, an unwinding of the 'negative' patterns begins - we can face our fears more efficiently now, because we know that they do not affect our Self.


As a result, our thoughts, feelings, and actions in the world become based on what is True and changeless, instead of guided by unconscious unhelpful patterns innocently accumulated by our conditioning (I say innocently because we have no control over this conditioning).


Then, our day-to-day life becomes an expression of our True Self, and we know this exploration to have been the most practical thing that we could possibly do. Read more on 'what is a valuable investment?'