Finding the right balance in romantic relationships


Are you wondering what is the right balance in relationships? How attached or detached you should be? Well, there isn’t one. 


By ‘there isn’t one’ I do not mean that such a balance cannot be found, or that it varies from relationship to relationship. What I mean is that a balance does not need to, and actually cannot, be found. 


Let me define ‘attached’ and ‘detached’ in this context. ‘Attached’ would be someone really involved in helping or giving attention to or improving the other. ‘Detached’ would be someone who doesn’t care much, is just in the relationship for fun, is not involved, and makes little effort. 


In True Love, there isn’t a relationship. In True Love, there aren’t two separate people. In True Love, you and your partner are One.

As such, both of you are individually free to do exactly what you want. There are no rules, boundaries, or expectations. 


The only commitment is to be knowingly Love itself, and to express only It.