Preventing natural disasters


COVID and other natural disasters will keep happening as long as we don’t learn the lessons we need to learn as a humanity. These are some of the main ones:


  1. We need to understand that we are one whole, and every part is impacted by the actions of other parts. For example, over indulgence in one part of the world causes poverty in others; confining and torturing animals leads to meat-related pandemics, etc.

  2. Using up and disrespecting the Earth is the same as trying to use Life for selfish purposes. Since we are a part of nature, we need to know our place in it - we are not smarter or more intelligent, but should be respectful of it and honour its powers. 

  3. Understanding sexuality, its true purpose, and the role of men and women is key. Instead of coming from a place of lack and wasting these divine energies, we need to learn to embrace this sacred act for its healing capability. 

  4. Knowing that our Being is shared - as long as we believe that we are separate from each other, greed and selfishness will pervade our school and university systems, behaviour at work, and relationships between nations. This shift is only possible once it becomes clear that the each mind/body appears in Consciousness, and not the other way around. 

Unfortunately, these lessons will take a long time to learn - probably more time than we have. The majority of us need to know this before the world can fully heal. There is no other way. 


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