How to find Peace when others are suffering? 


Q: Hi Boyan, I'm good to use what I have learned so far to help ease suffering of my own - gratitude for pointing the way to something unhealed in myself, noticing it is "just" another experience of awareness, etc - but am finding it difficult to apply with ease to situations where I see others suffering with very difficult realities (e.g. the animal that is being abused or grossly neglected; the homeless teenagers who will overdose on the streets or, literally, freeze to death out there this winter; the woman being beaten and humiliated by her husband...). I'd like to understand how you find peace when encountering these types of situations. 


A: Thank you for your question. The suffering or contraction that Awareness experiences is deep. What helps me find peace when considering these situations is:

1) The model of reality that I believe to be true: within Infinite Awareness arose the question 'what if I experience something other than this?', which led to manifest reality. Since then - the beginning of time - there has been a releasing of contraction. As such, new karma cannot be generated, and everything that happens is a deeper return to Peace and Presence. Going back in time, this theory seems to be correct - there is less suffering / atrocious killings & deaths now than thousands of years ago, and the collective level of Consciousness is rising.

2) We are all walking each other Home - such events and experiences trigger doubts & insecurities in all of us. From an individual perspective, our top priority is to come from Love as much as possible, which includes allowing & fully feeling these resistances until we return to the knowing that our Self always remains in its pristine, untouched, peaceful condition. Then, we can also be of service to others better by letting actions spontaneously arise in us to support them.

3) I remember that I do not know. Somehow, from a different, less limited, Higher perspective, what happens here makes sense and is the only option. I don't know how the model works or why things happen, but I know that it is way beyond what I can comprehend from this human perspective. As such, the best thing to do is re-connect with the Self that allows things to be as they are and unfold as they do, to know that none of my thoughts & feelings are random, and to let Love move the body/mind, moment-by-moment.

I hope that resonates with you. It is definitely not easy to consider & accept that so much suffering is happening on this planet.