How can effect take place without a reason?


Q: Hello, Namaste! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Supreme Consciousness' nature, mainly on its lack of causality. The reason why I'm so intrigued by this is simply because I cannot grasp how effect can take place without a reason. So the answer 'It's just within Its nature to do so!' does not really satisfy me. I had a little research into it and quantum physics explained it only up to one point, but not entirely.


A: The 'effect' that you talk about is only perception, it is the mind dividing Consciousness in a body/mind with thoughts, feelings, and sense perceptions. In fact, all of these are made of the Consciousness within which they arise - not-two. And all of these so-called divisions happen effortlessly, without a doer, just like thoughts appear without a thinker. 


Q: Thanks for your insights, I agree with you. I am just trying to find the reason for manifestation (at either quantum level, spiritual or both); If ''The Screen'' must localise itself in a finite mind in order to know something other than just knowing Its Infinite potential, would it then be correct to draw a potential obvious conclusion and say the reason for manifestation is the mystic natural intrinsic desire of Awareness to see what's within Its own ''awareness''? Otherwise I don't see why It would manifest at all. And when I say desire, I don't mean that ''It wants to know if It is (as It is already aware) but to see what it already knows It Is. Maybe curiosity, love? Hence the sacrifice which clearly had to be made. 


A: Yes, from the perspective of a localised self, manifestation is a fact. But when the existence of the localised self is questioned (self-enquiry), the idea of the manifestation as separate from Awareness dissolves as well, & its illusory nature is revealed. So, if one had to come up with a reason for manifestation, it would be - "to return to the knowing that there is only Awareness".

Since Awareness is infinite, it also goes infinitely in the direction of what it isn't - i.e. form or contraction - if that makes sense? And as soon as form appears within Awareness, its movement back to Source begins.


Q: Why would I assume that the reason would be to return Home? Why did I leave Home to begin with? Haha, you get what I mean? 


A: Looking for reasons is tricky - it is just an unfolding, no one is really doing anything. You, Awareness, cannot 'leave Home'. And when you are identified with the mind/body, your only true desire is to return Home. So then the question becomes 'why does Awareness seemingly identify with the mind/body at times?' - because it is infinite, and a way to express that infinity is to become finite. If it weren't finite, it also wouldn't be infinite. But as soon as it is finite, the temporary form that it assumes has to eventually return back to being Infinite, since that is its True Nature. Let me know if this makes sense 🙏


Q: Perfect sense! :) Deeply grateful