Inner vision


Instead of wanting your attention

I am giving it back to you

Do you want a direct experience of your Self?

Keep reading if you do


Who is it that's reading these words? 

Who is it that is moving your eyes across and down?

Who is it that wants to know the next sentence? 

Who is it that calls this a 'poem' and expects a rhyme?


What is it that makes these words appear in your head? 

What is it that gives them a voice? 

What is it that gives each word meaning? 

What is it that shifted what shifted just now?


You are now aware of the thoughts in your mind

Instead of being focused, your attention is expanded

Find and read things that expand you in this way

and very soon you will know you can expand no more 


For what shifts was not really a shift at all

Awareness is always aware of the mind

in fact - of all experience, the big and the small

It knows everything through Itself, as Itself, alone