Accepting a worsening physical disability


Q: How can I accept a worsening physical disability that won’t pass until I do?



A: Dealing with a physical disability is challenging, but it is possible to find acceptance and peace. Here are four points to consider:


1. Often, our minds project that the physical disability will keep worsening and will remain with us for the rest of our lives, but that may not be the case. And even if it does remain until we pass, the way the disability is experienced will definitely keep changing over time. 


2. Sometimes, the physical pain or disability is there to help us to emotionally process all that needs to be processed around it and other areas that are affected by it, at which point it will either go or remain without being a problem. Many spiritual teachers are an example of this, as they continue to exude joy & happiness despite facing physical challenges. 


3. Death is not an end - you have probably felt that when someone passes away, their essence remains in your heart and in your memories. And there is a knowing that they aren’t really gone - somehow part of them continues to live on. 


4. Lastly, the truth that ‘everything is unfolding as it should’ is still valid, even when we talk about death. Death is a natural and inevitable part of being human. The true fear is a fear of the unknown, or - in other words - a mistrust in the way life unfolds. The more we rest as Awareness, the more we know that there are no mistakes in the Universe, that everything happens for a reason, and the more we can find peace and accept what is.