What are clear boundaries? 


Pure acceptance has no boundaries - it sees and embraces everything exactly as it is. This means that it sees people as they truly are as well as their so-called “separate selves”. And separate selves do have boundaries, since they are by definition limited and incomplete. 


When the separate self is met with acceptance, it is given the opportunity to dissolve back into the unconditional love of the True Self. Every step of the way, acceptance comes from love, pointing ego impulses back to what’s actually real. Some separate selves get the nudge and the True Self shines through, realising that it had been (seemingly) veiled. Other separate selves become more and more lost in the process. 


In practical terms, the meaning of the above is that you see people as they truly are and forgive any actions that come from a sense of separation. Sometimes, this is expressed as simply resting as Awareness and being with them, and at other times it is expressed in some form of words or actions. If you go along with their sense of separation and just give them what they want, you are doing them a disservice. In fact, that way you are supporting their beliefs in lack, and therefore their suffering. 


It is our loving duty to continuously point people back to their True Self, anytime the relationship and the situation allows for that. Not having a desire to change anything, our optimal behaviour naturally happens when we rest as Awareness.