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The 'Elevator of Consciousness' 4-week Online Program

7th of February - 7th of March


Reality is not as we perceive it. After 7 years of exploration, I have realised that there are four levels from which to see it: 

1) I am born into the world, the world is outside of me;

2) The reality that I see is a reflection of what I think;

3) I can make the world be what I want it to be;

4) I am One with reality.

Starting in February, in 4 weeks we will be exploring each of these levels through various tools & techniques, stories & metaphors, and articles & videos. 


Join us if you are ready to explore: 


- how to be more aware of, and fall into, the safety of the present moment.

- how we create our individual reality, and what lies beyond it;

- how we can perceive things differently, and tailor our senses towards what we really want;

- the power of letting go;

- thoughts, where they come from, and what lies beyond them (through our thinking we either create problems or solutions);

- how to re-connect to our True Selves.


Participating in the program costs £80, and will consist of a weekly group meeting and one-on-one coaching sessions whenever necessary. The exploration will happen in a group of 5, which means the program will be very personalised to your needs. 



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Effortless Motivation Retreat - 18 October 2018 - 23 October 2018

in the heart of The Grand Causes Natural Regional Park, in the south of France


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” ~Marianne Williamson


For the last seven years, I have explored my mind and body in uncountable ways - I will be sharing all of my most useful learnings during these 5 days. Each day, we will aim to experience life differently by holding a specific powerful thought (or mantra) in mind (such as 'My thoughts create my feelings' or 'The past does not exist'). This will help you realise the truth behind the words more deeply, no matter how advanced you are. 


In addition, we will be doing fun activities, such as games, healing sessions, meditations, kayaking, remaining silent for a day, exploring breathing techniques (from the Wim Hof method and others), Qi Gong sessions, creative workshops, and more. 


Join us if you are ready to go on a journey to connect with nature, make friends (probably for life!), and - most importantly - go deep within to meet & heal your Self. 


Your 5-Night All-Inclusive Effortless Motivation Retreat includes:


Airport Transfers to and from Toulouse

Shared Luxury Bell Tent Accommodation

Daily Classes, Activities & Meditations

Full Board (3 Organic meals a day)

Refreshments (Fruit juice, Herbal teas & Spring water)

Kayaking & Picnic along the River Tarn

On-site Care & Assistance


only £599 per person


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