I don't believe in 'random'. Everything happens for a reason - if a performer knows great fortune and success, has an outstanding stage presence, or creates an incredible feeling of connection for the audience - then there must be something s/he does or believes in order to achieve that effect. I created the 'Wisdom of Wow Performers' podcast for us to explore exactly that - what is the behind-the-scenes wisdom that all of these performers have to make us go "WOW!" 

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Episode 3

In this episode, Nikki Owen - leadership & charisma expert, international award winning speaker, & author - shares her wisdom on several topics:

- why she devoted her life to this thing called 'Charisma', and what her findings are;  

- how to build a strong emotional connection with an audience;

- how to let go of negative thinking and always be in touch with our Higher Selves - especially so on stage.


Every time I hear her speak - be it for 15 minutes or for a couple of hours - I can't help but relax, listen & embrace each moment she is on stage. As you will notice in this podcast, all her words are charged with love and compassion, and the way she speaks deeply captivates the hearts and minds of others.



You can find out more about Nikki on her websites: https://nikkijowen.com/ and http://charismaconnection.com/


Episode 2

I first saw Andrew Pepper playing the wonderful Dame in the Chippy Norton Pantomime - often labelled the best one in the UK! He is a very wise, humble and great person and actor. In this episode he shares the secrets behind his charisma, his ability to distinguish between ego & higher self, the technique he uses to pick people from the audience, and how he can almost see the energy in a room - when it is high and when it drops - and adapt his performance accordingly: 

You can find out more about him on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theandrewpepper/

or his website: http://www.theandrewpepper.com/

Episode 1

The first episode with Jermain Jackman is out now! In it, Jermain shares his wisdom, what gets him up every morning, and an exercise to help you create and follow your own vision. We also talk about the various elements that make his songs and performances so special, the importance of doing what you love, and visions and dreams. You can hear it here:

You can listen to his singleHow will I knowand to his TED talk: My Success, My Responsibility 

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