Taster Session

We can explore any topic or area you want in this taster session. You will be heard, received, and guided back to a space of clarity and Truth. 

The sessions are held via Skype, or - in case you are in London - in person. 


4-session package

After 4 sessions, the Truth of who you are will be made obvious to you. You will know your Self as the open luminous space of Awareness, and will remember exactly what to do each time this knowing is temporarily veiled from experience. 

The recommended time period to use the sessions is 1 month.


12-session package

After 12 sessions, the mind/body, thoughts, feelings, and actions will be re-aligning with Truth. Some continual (unintended) consequences of this process are: finding unshakeable confidence, building true & honest relationships, fearlessly following your purpose. 

The recommended time period to use the sessions is 3 months. 


*Please note that I also offer longer-term packages and a full 3-day guidance. For more information about those, or if you have financial issues at the moment and cannot afford the full prices, please contact me.