Worksheet for non-dual self-enquiry

A worksheet combining The Work of Byron Katie with non-dual self-enquiry. The basic premise is that each statement directly affects an 'I' or a 'me' that wants something different. Instead of questioning the truth of a belief, person or situation, the purpose is to question the very 'I', which is, in fact, the non-existent source of the problem.


Each time you ask the questions, you need to be very honest in your exploration of actually trying to find an 'I' that has a problem or is suffering. 

the last judgement: who am I? am I a thought? Am I a sensation? Am I a feeling? Am I the body?

When you try and find a self that is guilty, depressed, stressed, judgemental, suffering, unhealthy, sad, etc. - you will find only Awareness. Since such a self that is a combination of Awareness and emotion does not exist, all emotions belonging to that self become meaningless.


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