No reminder is necessary



Any reminder needed to be here now deepens the illusory beliefs that there is something other than Consciousness, that now is a moment in time, and that the mind/body creates Consciousness. 


No reminder is necessary. When you look at a sticky note that reminds you to be present, when you sit with a spiritual teacher, or when you do some kind or practice, it only works because the now already is. You already are. 


No external object can help you be your own Peace more deeply. The object is an unnecessary invitation - it is always you who goes deeper within yourself,


That is the meaning of non-duality. There is no other. Just You, Consciousness. 


Consciousness is always the same. Constant. 


Don’t wait for something to happen to be happy. Be happy now. Go deep. Claim Happiness as your own. Then, don’t let your mind resist any appearance - remain here now. 


That’s it. 


*To understand the ‘level’ that this article applies to, please refer to the table ‘three stages of Awakening’.