The West’s looking outward through science vs. the East’s looking inward toward the Self 


Q: What is the Self that I Am? I can say it is all, the Whole, Brahman and from this ask no further. But how does the West’s looking outward through science and the East’s looking inward toward the Self, come together? Astrophysicists have seen the universe expanding at ever greater speed with not enough mass to pull it back and dark matter being it’s catalyst. On this cosmic scale, all life, especially all human life is an unimaginably small blip on the spectrum and eventually, on a scale of trillions upon trillions of years, when the last photon’s energy goes out, all comparable measurement, all relativity, time itself dissolves into a cold void.


A: Your question implies that the Whole, Brahman, your Self, is limited to what you know and experience through the mind/body - hence your question! Consciousness veils itself as each of us, and seemingly limits itself to the thoughts and perceptions of a body - but when this experience is questioned, we can experientially understand that Consciousness itself is non-localised and empty. As such, all forms appear in it and as it. This includes the experience of being in a body and thinking with a mind, but also an infinite number of other worlds/universes/forms that we cannot imagine from this perspective (but we can still know that - just like our experience of the mind/body - all these forms are made of Consciousness itself).