The corona virus outbreak


 The corona virus has now been declared as a global health emergency by The World Health Organization (WHO). 


And yet, most people infected are likely to fully recover - just as they would from flu. The ones that have passed away have either been old or have had underlying health issues. 


So, what’s the big deal? 


It has become so viral because of several factors: 

  • Racism;
  • the fear of globalisation having negative impacts;
  • our unhealthy ways of living and the fear of nature striking back; 
  • the fear of sickness and death;
  • and, fundamentally, the fear ‘I am only this mind/body’. 

It is the fear ‘I am only this mind/body’ that creates all other fears. 


But health, wisdom, creativity, personality, freedom, pleasure, or love cannot be found in the body. The body is an effect, and as such it has no ability to think, feel, do, or perceive. You have these abilities. You are Freedom itself. And whether one or a million mind/bodies are removed from you, You remain the same. 


War, sickness, hate, racism, or terrorism have no impact on Truth. 


Bear in mind that the above is an absolute perspective. Please take appropriate action depending on your health and circumstances. Taking care of the mind and body (without a need to) is an act of love, not only for oneself but also for others. 


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