The body cannot interpret sensory information


The body is a tool, like a microscope. It allows us to see Reality in one particular way. But it is not the one that sees, nor is it aware at all.


I recently learned that in some schools, in order for children to behave better, teachers tell them that objects are animate. For example, they would ask 'how does the floor feel if you jump on it like that?', or 'how does your crayon feel if you throw it this way?'. Guess what, that's what we've done with the body!


Saying that a microscope is the one that sees, or the one that is aware, is preposterous. We all know that it isn't. Yet, we have said that it is the body that sees, hears, tastes, touches, and even makes decisions. It is precisely such an insane idea that gives rise to the world we see.


I wouldn't be surprised if the planet we call 'Earth' is actually the Universe's 'insane asylum'.


The body is allows us to see Reality in one particular way. But it does not know what it sees, hears, tastes, touches. It is Consciousness - the only one that is aware - that knows these things.


To understand the above better, explore your actual experience of the body