90-minute coaching session

A lot can happen in one session. We can explore anything you want - dealing with stress, relationship problems, limiting habits - you name it. You will be heard, received, and guided with an open mind and an open heart. 

The sessions can be in person or via Skype. I will never let money get in the way in case you can't afford the price - please read the information about the 'Pay-What-You-Can' sessions. 

Weekend Get-Away

In one weekend, you will be able to spot and overcome your limiting mental habits, as well as begin to notice how you create your own reality by projecting your ideas onto the world.

The price includes the coaching, 3 meals a day, and the accommodation. 

1-month sessions

In 1 month, you will experience big shifts in perception, and you will be able to start moving into the direction of your dreams! I will teach you techniques which you can use to advance on your own, and create the life you've always wanted. 

3-months sessions

 In 3 months, we will go very deep. You will gain insight about where your experience of life is coming from, who you really are beyond your thinking, and how to always have access to a state of pure joy - even in the most difficult situations. You will be guided and supported in everything you would like to change and achieve. 

6-months sessions

In 6 months, you will get everything you need. You will learn to flow with life, through life, until your wishes become reality. Living from a wiser, ever-present spontaneous space, you will be amazed by how wonderful life really is (and has always been!)

The 7-Day "Remember Your True Self' E-mail Course

With just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening, learn that your natural state is to be:
                • Forever healthy
                • Eternally blissful and at peace
                • Constantly receiving exactly what you want
                • At One with all aspects of creation

The two-week "Sleight of Mind' E-mail Course

With just 7 minutes per day, you will:
                • Experience many new and powerful ways of being
                • Be more in touch with your unconscious
                • Be more motivated to reach your goals
                • Know more about how you create your own experience of life

Let me know you exist, because otherwise we will never meet. And if you stay a stranger and I never learned your name, we would never know what we could have explored together. 

What has been challenging you lately?

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