Powerful Questions to Align your Actions with your Purpose


Ask and it will be given

~Matthew 7:7


Our brains work a bit like Google - the questions you ask determine the answers you get.
If you ask 'how come I am so miserable?' or 'why do bad things always happen to me?!', the answers you get will probably be rubbish and make you feel awful.
If, on the other hand, you ask 'what can I be grateful about in this moment?', 'what is incredibly beautiful in my life right now?', or 'how can I relax and work at the same time?', then more useful answers will come to you. 


This PDF contains the most powerful questions that I've come across in 7 years of exploration. If you answer them honestly, they will help you find your purpose and continuously take action in the direction of your dreams, while remaining aware and grounded in the present moment. 


The file includes: 

- Questions to find your True Calling

- Questions to start & end your day feeling great and remain on purpose

- Questions to help you be grounded in the present moment, and create from a quiet & free state of mind.

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