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To book a 90 minute session, a weekend get-away, or on-going coaching for 3-6 months, either reserve by clicking on the button below, contact me by e-mail through the form below, or call me on: +44 7543 824 928 (in the evenings after 6pm or during weekends). 


What will you get from working with me:

1) You will have the (often tough) realisation that you are creating your own problems - there is no one and nothing outside of you to blame; 

2) the above realisation will help you see through your current problem(s), and let you experience reality as it is without your projections on it; 

3) work with me long enough, and you will learn how to create and live exactly the life you want. 


I look forward to meeting you soon.


With love,



*I would never let money get in the way. Once per month, I offer pay-what-you-can sessions for people who cannot afford the full price, or would like to have a 'trial' coaching session with me. 


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Let me know you exist, because otherwise we will never meet. And if you stay a stranger and I never learned your name, we would never know what we could have explored together. 

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