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The bus that never comes...

if you do not feel grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you'd be happy with more?

One day, a bus stop was created, with bus number 42 going through the following stops:

  • Thought
  • Consciousness
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Heaven

As always when something new is created, people come to explore it, with their previous knowledge of how something should be looked at. Little did they know that the other 4 stops, nor the bus, exist.


On the 4th day there were about 10 people who had visited the stop, wondering what it is about and for. The record then was to stay for about 2h and then leave, after no bus came.

Two weeks after the bus stop appeared, people began asking questions on reddit & twitter. It attracted more and more attention. Some transformed it into a riddle, others thought it is part of some kind of game (although they could see no players), third ones said aliens put it there... 

Over time, it became a famous spot for meditators. More and more people would come and sit there, in stillness. It would still attract attention of random passer-byers, but not as much as before.  


After three years, one of the people who had been coming to sit there over a period of several months, had a sudden awakening. Another one followed suit a couple of weeks later. Then a third person, a fourth, a fifth - all of them found Heaven... The bus stop became one of the most enlightened places on planet Earth.

If anyone lost their way again, they would come back to the bus stop.  


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What would I do if I was happy all the time?

if you do not feel grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you'd be happy with more?


Unconsciously, many people ask themselves this question. The answer is usually negative, along the lines of: 

‘It’s impossible, I will always find something that makes me unhappy’

‘I would get bored of being happy and it wouldn’t feel as good’

‘I would just die because I wouldn’t have a purpose’


Let me tackle these answers one by one:


1) The process of being unhappy is the following: unconsciously or consciously, you ask yourself the question: ‘what is it that I don’t like about my current situation?’. And that’s ok - asking that question is how we have all been taught to function since we were kids. We have been taught to ‘succeed’, ‘aim high’, ‘have goals’, ‘become someone’. And since you are never where you would ideally want to be - because you would ask yourself the same question even if you get to your current idea of your ‘ideal situation in which everything would be perfect’ -  there is a part of you that is constantly unhappy. How do you change that? By noticing that, at any point in time, it is your thoughts that create your feelings. Whatever it is that you think about becomes your experience in that moment. And you can consciously direct your attention towards things that you LOVE about your current situation. 

"Whatever it is that you think about becomes your experience in that moment"



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Where do I get my 'life experience' from?


When I tell people that I am a Life Coach, the response often is ‘Wow, that’s amazing! But how did you get enough life experience?’


My answer varies, but often I try to justify being 26 and please them by saying that I have been exploring my mind and body in countless ways for the last 7 years.

That’s not the real answer, though. It is just my initial reaction. Here’s my real answer:


Let’s dig deeper into the idea of  ‘getting life experience’. This statement clearly makes several assumptions:

-          The more you age, the more experienced you become; i.e. being alive depends on time;

-          Different problems have different solutions, and one needs to have had a lot of problems in order to be able to provide solutions;

-          Life is something you can ‘get’, and the more time you spend in a body on this planet, the ‘wiser’ you become.


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