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Truth (poem)

Truth is not in a person 

Truth can't be found in a poem

Truth is not behind a curtain

Not in a word, a line, or a story


Truth is in all of the above

but also way beyond

it is in everything, all-encompassing

as the sound of a thousand Gongs


Truth is everlasting

filled only with peace and joy

Truth is inside you already

look within and you'll know it


The door to Truth is open

if you don't see it your eyes are closed

Catch only a glimpse and your fate will be 

to look deeper within until 

You are One with Truth


May it be with you, and You Be with It

in never-ending glory

The process of receiving the things you want most (metaphor)

Fire and forget target set intention metaphor window door open mind create opportunities live life you want

Let's say you are sitting at your desk, looking at your door, and behind you is your window. And you really hope that what you most desire will come through that door. Hence you spend your days passionately staring at it, trying hard to make it open.


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