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The world as a Thought

World moving live Nasa App Live feed ISS View Universe planet Earth astronaut

I've been watching the live feed of the NASA app lately. And simultaneously considering the idea that everything is all just Thought. 


Throughout the years, I have learned to literally see people think-to see the thought that creates the smile on their face, the intention to move that creates the movement, the invisible form behind its physical expression. As a coach, these are the patterns that I work with, since I can literally see them being created and entertained.


In a similar way that our movements are thoughts manifested in 'reality', so is reality an expression of our interpretation. That can be clearly seen with objects that contain emotional value to you-if a dear friend gave you a bag for your birthday as a gift, the way you see that bag will be very different from the way any other person would. 


The same is true for everything-we do not perceive the world around is as it is, but as we imagine it to be. 

And you can learn to see the world as thoughts going on and off inside your own mind, which makes it very easy to dissociate yourself from it, and have more control over your perceptions. 




And then I see the world turning live on the NASA app, and it's a very strange thing to experience...



It's like a mirror, the world reflected in a smaller version of itself. The planet also is just a Thought, but a Thought from a higher intelligence, with which you can be One. And it is a lot easier to see that we are all One when we look at us from such a chunked-up perspective. 

Truth (poem)

Truth is not in a person 

Truth can't be found in a poem

Truth is not behind a curtain

Not in a word, a line, or a story

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The process of receiving the things you want most (metaphor)

Fire and forget target set intention metaphor window door open mind create opportunities live life you want

Let's say you are sitting at your desk, looking at your door, and behind you is your window. And you really hope that what you most desire will come through that door. Hence you spend your days passionately staring at it, trying hard to make it open.


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