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What are you unconsciously attached to?


Two years ago on my way back from Italy my suitcase got lost in the airport, and they didn't return it to me when I arrived back in London.  I thought I was a person that is relatively detached from material things, but when I realised that my clothes (and all my Christmas presents) were gone, I realised how important they were to me!


 A week went by and I kept calling the airport, and they kept telling me they couldn't find the suitcase, and that I needed to wait. I had a few things to wear left, but definitely not enough for 2 weeks. So I waited a bit longer, and after a few more days I went ahead and bought a lot of new clothes. That was refreshing, but I was also still hoping to get my suitcase back.


In the 4th week, when I had almost lost all hope of getting my suitcase back (i.e. was more detached), the airline company finally rang me and said they had found the suitcase! It was quickly sent back to me, and the new clothes that I bought were 80% refunded by the company. So everything turned out better than I ever expected. 



But still, that sudden realisation of how attached I was to my clothes remains with me to this day! It makes me wonder: what else am I unconsciously strongly attached to? 

You have probably understood by now

you are a body, or You are the Universe

you are illness, or You are Health

you have problems, or You are Present to Love

you are judgmental, or You are Forgiving

you are in hell, or You are in Heaven

you are in pain, or You are in Joy

you are small, or You are Magnificent

you are one, or You are Everyone

you are divided, or You are Everything

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The Productivity Virus

I just realised something massive - most of us have the productivity virus!! 


Definition: the productivity virus is a virus that makes productivity more important than anything else. 


Nowadays it is so scary to do nothing, so wrong to be behind on a task, so unacceptable to not meet a deadline. From our very early years at school we are taught that we 'fail' if a homework is not submitted on time. At university we are given a pile of books to read for each subjects, with the teachers knowing very well that even doing all the readings for one subject is not feasible. At work we are expected to complete a number of different tasks under tight deadlines, and if we don't it means we are not as productive as our colleagues, and therefore can be easily replaced. 


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