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Understand this, and all of your problems will be solved

The Truth of sound is silence,

for sound comes from silence, but silence doesn't need sound to exist


The Truth of time is the present moment

for time needs the present moment to exist, but the present moment doesn't


The Truth of 0 is infinity,

for 0 needs infinity to oppose it, but infinity is all-encompassing


The Truth of illusions is Truth,

for illusions are possible because of Truth, but Truth exists regardless


The Truth of your problems is Love,

for problems are a distorted form of Love, but Love is there regardless of whether you are aware of it or not

Where do I get my 'life experience' from?


When I tell people that I am a Life Coach, the response often is ‘Wow, that’s amazing! But how did you get enough life experience?’


My answer varies, but often I try to justify being 26 and please them by saying that I have been exploring my mind and body in countless ways for the last 7 years.

That’s not the real answer, though. It is just my initial reaction. Here’s my real answer:


Let’s dig deeper into the idea of  ‘getting life experience’. This statement clearly makes several assumptions:

-          The more you age, the more experienced you become; i.e. being alive depends on time;

-          Different problems have different solutions, and one needs to have had a lot of problems in order to be able to provide solutions;

-          Life is something you can ‘get’, and the more time you spend in a body on this planet, the ‘wiser’ you become.


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What are you unconsciously attached to?


Two years ago on my way back from Italy my suitcase got lost in the airport, and they didn't return it to me when I arrived back in London.  I thought I was a person that is relatively detached from material things, but when I realised that my clothes (and all my Christmas presents) were gone, I realised how important they were to me!


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