ABOUt me: 

My name is Boyan Milouchev, and I work as a transformational Life Coach and speaker specialising in meditation and mindfulness. 


If I was to pinpoint a year in which my spiritual journey began, it would be 2011. Having grown up in 4 different countries - Bulgaria, France, Belgium, and the UK, and interacting in three languages (Bulgarian, French, and English), I felt that I had a very different personality in all these languages. In english in particular, I felt really shy and insecure, and couldn't be myself when talking with my fellow Bachelor degree classmates. I was also doing Thai boxing at the time, and my teacher introduced me to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A couple of years later - having practiced mindfulness and realised that I can re-create any feelings I have had in the past - I had a big insight into the nature of life (2014). That insight changed my life - the way I perceive myself, the work I came here to do, and the way I see the world. I realised on a deep level that we live in a thought-generated reality. We cannot feel anything other than our thinking in the moment - not the past, not the future, not the workload, not other people's criticism. We are only ever feeling our thoughts in the moment. Just knowing that changed the way I used this invisible power that we all have. 


It took me 5 years to let go of all of the illusions that took me out of that space of knowing, of bliss, and of inner peace. From 2019 onwards, I started sharing this understanding with the rest of the world, and to work full-time as a Life Coach. 



Qualifications & work experience: BA in International Relations with French from the University of Birmingham; MSc in Management from LSE; and has worked in various organisations, including the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. 

Explored modalities: NLP, the Principles behind Clarity, Magic, The Work of Byron Katie, the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, among others 

I am here for you if you are ready to go deep within to experience life as you wish it was, and to give yourself permission to experience it as you deserve it to be. 
You can contact me by using the form below, or the '1-to-1 sessions' tab above. 


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Let me know you exist, because otherwise we will never meet. And if you stay a stranger and I never learned your name, we would never know what we could have explored together. 

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