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I am an explorer, a lifelong learner, an experiencer and an experimenter 


As a kid, I had to change 4 schools because my family kept moving from place to place in Europe. The diversity and variety in behaviours in the different schools made me wonder: why are people so different in different countries? This question led me on a quest to begin exploring personalities and how they formed, as well as to start reading about body language and facial expressions at a very young age. I felt very shy and foreign everywhere I went, and I did my best to try and understand others. After attending schools a bit all over Europe, I moved on to do a BA in International Relations in the UK, and am now just finishing my MSc in Management degree at LSE. I chose to study International Relations because I wanted to see how the cultural and national differences played out on the global scale. Then, after seeing that big private companies can have an even larger impact than governments, I wanted to know more about them, too - hence my interest in Management.


My studies thought me that the character and nature of an individual leader or a group of people can impact part of a population, a whole nation, or indeed the world. I learned the importance of values & beliefs, framing, words & symbols, and emotions as factors that constantly shape the future on both the global and the individual levels.


Early in my studies, I was introduced to the limitless world of NLP. Inevitably, meditation and mindfulness found me on the path of self-discovery, and I understood through experience that the reality within me creates the ‘world-out-there’. I realised that the same is true for everyone, and that the world reflects our reality back to us. If we change our perception of ourselves, the whole world changes. That realisation can help you heal any issue that you think you have - be it stress, depression, relationship issues, health issues, or other.  


I am here for you if you are ready to go deep within to experience life as you wish it was. Just call me on +44 7543 824 928  (in the evenings or on weekends), contact me with the form below, or book a session in the '1-to-1 sessions' or 'learning zone' sections of my website. 


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Let me know you exist, because otherwise we will never meet. And if you stay a stranger and I never learned your name, we would never know what we could have explored together. 

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