What would I do if I was happy all the time?

if you do not feel grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you'd be happy with more?


Unconsciously, many people ask themselves this question. The answer is usually negative, along the lines of: 

‘It’s impossible, I will always find something that makes me unhappy’

‘I would get bored of being happy and it wouldn’t feel as good’

‘I would just die because I wouldn’t have a purpose’


Let me tackle these answers one by one:


1) The process of being unhappy is the following: unconsciously or consciously, you ask yourself the question: ‘what is it that I don’t like about my current situation?’. And that’s ok - asking that question is how we have all been taught to function since we were kids. We have been taught to ‘succeed’, ‘aim high’, ‘have goals’, ‘become someone’. And since you are never where you would ideally want to be - because you would ask yourself the same question even if you get to your current idea of your ‘ideal situation in which everything would be perfect’ -  there is a part of you that is constantly unhappy. How do you change that? By noticing that, at any point in time, it is your thoughts that create your feelings. Whatever it is that you think about becomes your experience in that moment. And you can consciously direct your attention towards things that you LOVE about your current situation. 

"Whatever it is that you think about becomes your experience in that moment"



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2) What if it gets better? What if happiness is an endless feeling, and you can never feel happy enough? This is what I would suggest to you - be greedy!! Ask for more happiness! See how much pleasure you can take! See what happens when your body cannot take any more happiness. To summarize: you’re wrong, it feels better and better and better the deeper into the feeling you go. 


3) The funny thing is, the things you do won’t change that much. Your daily routine will be pretty much the same - maybe you would spend more time going on walks and enjoying nature, or really being grateful for the things you already enjoy to enjoy them even more, but ultimately your life wouldn’t change that much. It’s your outlook on life that changes completely. Suddenly you don’t need to worry about what you will do in an hour, or the next day, or in a year. Suddenly your desire to travel isn’t a must, it isn’t something that would make you happy, but something that would simply be nice because of the experience of going somewhere different. Suddenly things that would make you go mad before aren’t important enough to take your happiness away. Suddenly people, places, and things are just the background of your happy experience of life. 


Test it for yourself. How happy can you get? 


If you don’t know how to go about it, send me a PM and let’s talk :) 

With love,