Where do I get my 'life experience' from?


When I tell people that I am a Life Coach, the response often is ‘Wow, that’s amazing! But how did you get enough life experience?’


My answer varies, but often I try to justify being 26 and please them by saying that I have been exploring my mind and body in countless ways for the last 7 years.

That’s not the real answer, though. It is just my initial reaction. Here’s my real answer:


Let’s dig deeper into the idea of  ‘getting life experience’. This statement clearly makes several assumptions:

-          The more you age, the more experienced you become; i.e. being alive depends on time;

-          Different problems have different solutions, and one needs to have had a lot of problems in order to be able to provide solutions;

-          Life is something you can ‘get’, and the more time you spend in a body on this planet, the ‘wiser’ you become.


To me, there are a few key distinctions:


Having life experience vs. being alive:

-          The way I see it, having ‘life experience’ is understood as having gone through a lot of pain, and somehow implies holding onto that pain instead of letting it go. When someone says ‘I have gone through the same’ , it does not necessarily mean that he is not still going through it!

-          Being alive, on the other hand, is what children do. They live in the moment, enjoying the fun as well as the sad times, not identifying with any parts of their minds or bodies, constantly letting go of the past, and flowing with life. In that sense, letting go of your life experience is what will set you free to experience life.


Problems & their solutions:

-          Helping someone find a solution is perceived as ‘I know the answer, and I can pass it on to you’. That is NEVER the case. You can only ever help someone else find the answer for themselves. In that sense, you do not have to have gone through the same experience in order to help them find their solution.

-          On a deeper level, there is only one problem – identifying with what you are not. You are whole, complete, perfect as you are. And when you reach that space & knowledge, your solutions would become evident to you. Having discovered it is true for myself, I cannot help but guide others to the same understanding. There are no problems, they are all in your mind.


‘Getting’ life:

-          The idea that there is something to get out of, or understand about life is outrageous. Who are you to say what life is? Life is what created you, therefore whatever you make out of it is an illusory perception of what you think it might be. Life is here and now. It always was and will be. There is nothing to get. You are Life. Real wisdom is living from this space of not knowing and trusting.


That is why I’m a Life Coach J