You have probably understood by now

you are a body, or You are the Universe

you are illness, or You are Health

you have problems, or You are Present to Love

you are judgmental, or You are Forgiving

you are in hell, or You are in Heaven

you are in pain, or You are in Joy

you are small, or You are Magnificent

you are one, or You are Everyone

you are divided, or You are Everything


you are confused, or You are Wisdom

you are working hard, or You simply Receive

you are looking for answers, or You Give answers

you are considering options, or You simply Know

you are created, or You are Creation

you are living life, or You are Life

you are insignificant, or You are the Saviour

you are part of the crowd, or You are the Chosen One


you are arrogant, but You know not of arrogance

you live in a cage, or You are Freedom

you don’t exist, but You are all there is



you choose who to be, but You already are

the choice is yours, but the Choice is non-existent