Taking snapshots of reality

We are born into pure love. Perfection itself. Until we realise that we are limited by small bodies, and that we can experience pain. That we are separate from others, and have our own brain. And with it, we learn to take snapshots of the perfect reality that was there before we learned we are separate (and is always there in the background of our experience). 

And these snapshots, these pictures then become our reality. And for most people they are taken with an old, dark, black and white camera. Reality becomes a very sad place to be in. Others learn to take pictures in 3D, make them bright and sunny and full of success and love. They photoshop reality to make it more like what they want it to be. 


Still others (very few) get rid of the camera. They let go of imagining reality as it isn’t, and they become It. Falling into love by letting go of imaginary snapshots of what love is. 


Are you ready to see for real?