Are you going too fast? (Segway Metaphor)

Funny animal on segway

When I was in Italy with my friends last week, one of the days we went on a 1h Segway ride. It was great! It was also a nice metaphor for the way I have been living my life these past few months.



I have been doing so much! Working full-time, doing a lot of coaching-related things, meeting with friends, and what not! It is all things that I love, but it can still become quite intense. 


As always when I try something new, I wanted to get the hang of the Segway as soon as I got on it. So I pushed the wheel to go forward as hard as I could to reach the maximum speed (after 10 minutes of practice), but I almost instantly heard a 'tuut tuut' sound and the Segway automatically slowed down. It was unusual at first, because I expected it to go ever so fast. But little by little I found the right balance to go as fast as it would allow me without slowing down automatically. 


After about 30 minute me and my friends also decided to have a race, and the funny thing was that I was fastest when I was going slowly, because I could turn faster, and the automatic speed reduction mechanism wouldn't activate. 


You and I have that same mechanism inside us. Instead of a sound, it creates an unpleasant sensation. It's called stress or anxiety, and automatically activates if you're going too fast. What do you do when you feel it - do you slow down, or do you keep going fast? 


Learn to read your body as a guiding mechanism, and you'll be free. 


Tuut tuut, are you going too fast?