What Stops your Well-Being? (& 3 ways to heal Faster)

lIt does not matter if you are stressed on a day-to-day basis, or if you have a serious illness, or if you are just curious about ways to improve your overall happiness and well-being – the information in this article will certainly be useful to you. 


Your body knows how to heal itself  

Your body has engrained mechanisms for self-healing, which are under the influence of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes. It knows how to kill cancer cells, slow down aging, eliminate toxins, fight with inflammation, get rid of foreign bodies, and keep you healthy. Indeed, your natural state is health and well-being. Things go wrong only when these self-healing mechanisms stop functioning properly.


The two programs


Your nervous system has two main programs – the stressful ‘fight or flight’ program operated by the sympathetic nervous system, and the ‘recovery’ program operated by the parasympathetic nervous system.


As soon as your nervous system enters the ‘recovery’ program, the natural mechanisms of the body to relax and heal are activated.  


The stressful ‘fight or flight’ program is useful to protect you in extreme situations - for example when you are attacked by a tiger. But nowadays we are relatively protected from such situations and yet this program is still activated on average 50 times a day!


Why is that? 

One part of your brain (the amygdala) perceives negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions about finances, relationships, work, and other causes of concern to be as dangerous as being attacked by a tiger. In these cases, the amygdala pressed the panic button and your nervous system begins the program that stops the natural restorative and healing mechanisms of the body.  


Studies show that one often needs more than just adequate food, sleep and exercise to turn the natural mechanisms for self-healing back on. To make the process quicker, there are several things you can do:  

1) Focus on the areas of your life in which all of your needs are met (i.e. be grateful for what you already have);

2) Meditate - by focusing on your breath, your stressful thoughts are given less attention, and the 'recovery' program is easily re-activated; or

3) Think about and visualise ways to improve the less stable aspects of your daily life. Consider enriching relationships, finding ways to enjoy your work more, including new activities for a more creative lifestyle, and working towards a more harmonious way of being.


All in all, you only need to remember one thing: 


Your body knows how to heal itself


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