30-day 'No Stress At Work' Challenge

Stress at work negatively affects the health and happiness of millions of people around the world - be it by causing mental exhaustion, negative emotions, a decrease of productivity, or even a weakened immune system. 


If stress is part of your daily life, this is the chance for you to deal with it! 


Join the 30-day “No Stress At Work” challenge, and save £9.99!


What is the challenge?


For 30 days, before work and on weekends, you will have the opportunity to make some time for a relaxing and efficient 10-minute meditation to lower stress, improve your relationships with colleagues, and increase your productivity.

You can find out more scientifically proven benefits of meditation here.


What does the challenge include?

  • A video lesson with a scientifically proven meditation method for coping with stress (and experiencing more positive emotions)
  • Useful weekly articles to support your practice
  • A measurement of your progress at the end of the challenge
  • Exclusive free access to the ebook 'How to deal with stress in 10 days (or less)at the end of the challenge! It normally costs £9.99, and includes - in addition to the advanced meditation & breathing techniques to cleanse your mind/body system - 3 guided meditations and bonus exercises. 

What are the benefits for me? 

  • You will feel better during the day
  • You will be more energetic and positive
  • You will improve your skills to cope with stress
  • You have increased emotional intelligence
  • You will increase your productivity
  • You will improve your relationships with colleagues
  • You will be more relaxed
  • You will get exclusive access to my ebook

The challenge is part of a study by Psychologist Daniel Troev & me. By participating you will contribute to research in the field of applied psychology. The collected information from the questionnaires will be analyzed and summarized in order to monitor the impact of the method used and to inform the community about its benefits. Taking part in the challenge will be completely anonymous. 


How do I participate?

1. Click "Participate!"

2. Complete the questionnaire (consisting of 15 quick questions that you can answer in less than 5 minutes)

3. Watch the video tutorial at the end of the questionnaire

4. Every day for the next 30 days, set aside 10 minutes in the morning to practice the suggested method

5. After 30 days fill out the questionnaire again to see your results! 


Participate now!



I'm also organising another online meditation on Sunday the 5th of March. For more information on how to join, click here


You can listen to a short preview of the previous meditation here


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