The journey

A wave is born, and slowly grows bigger and stronger in the ocean.
It hears whispers here and there that it has a ‘deeper Source’. 
It seeks, finds, and questions the whispers, until the first realisation — ‘I must have a Source’! Light penetrates its waters.


Little by little, the wave forgets again. And seeks, and finds, and questions — but deeper this time. 

And then, the second realisation hits — ‘I am the Source, and the Source is me’. A large amount of light reaches from the top of the ocean wave all the way down to the ocean floor.


The wave cannot forget this time. It knows how to unwind itself back to its Source. The now scorching rays of light evaporate part of the water each time.


Until… the wave and the ocean floor are one.


Until… none of the water is left.