In an astronaut's shoes

Exercise from the 'Sleight of Mind' e-mail course

People often ask me what I mean by 'reality is flexible'. This blog post should answer that question: 


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in space? Being in total darkness, surrounded by millions of stars, seeing the Earth from a different perspective?

Today’s exercise is to experience life on Earth after being in space for a few months. Put yourself in the shoes of an astronaut by watching this video: 

Here are a few words from astronauts on their experience both in space and back on Earth: 

‘The Earth is a spaceship. We are in space already, it’s just that we haven’t brought that into our perspective as we live here on Earth.’

‘From that perspective, you see the Sun as a star. We see the Sun in the blue sky, but up there you see the Sun in a black sky. You are seeing it from a cosmic perspective.’

'To have that experience of awe is, at least for a moment, to let go of yourself, to transcend that sense of separation. It’s not just that we [the astronauts] were experiencing something other than ourselves, but that we were, at some very deep level, integrating and realising our interconnectedness with that beautiful blue ball.’ 

‘We took small fish with us in the space station to do some research. We had to spend three months there. After about three weeks the fish began to die. How deeply sorry we felt for them! We did everything we could to save them! On the ground fishing is a great pleasure for us, but when you're alone and away from everything earthly, every manifestation of life is particularly valued. You just see how precious life is.’

Another astronaut, after the landing of his capsule, opened the hatch to inhale and smell the moist earthy air:

‘I just knelt down and held my cheek to the Earth’, he said. ‘I leaned over and kissed the ground’.

We take so many of the things we have here on Earth for granted. Live today by noticing all of them from the perspective of an astronaut who hasn’t had them for a year. Notice the life in everything - in the air, in nature, in the people, in small and large animals. Notice the miracle of Life as it unfolds.



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Once you experience different states of mind, you can also learn to hold them for longer periods of time.