A model

When I was 20, I woke up in the middle of the night with the following thought: “When the unconscious becomes conscious, man will rise”. I am still on this path, and will probably be until the end of my life - indeed, what else could I possibly explore? Back then, I thought that ‘unconscious’ was my unconscious thinking, my heart beating, and all of these processes that I was not aware of. By now I have understood that ‘unconscious’ has facets of ‘me’ which I haven’t explored yet, and is also the whole universe, beyond ‘I’ and body. In order to explore this ‘unconscious’, I have had to go beyond my ‘I’, to see in many different ways, to be in different parts of my body differently, to go absolutely nuts. And yet, the journey has only just began. 


A model

Let me be your model

but don’t model me when I go astray

I will illuminate the dark spaces

but follow me only if what I find is also your way

I may find treasure, or I may find sorrow

but digging forever deeper is my quest

I will explore like there is no tomorrow

even if it means my heart stops beating my chest


I will illuminate the shadows

go where no man has ever been

I may come back shining, or come back shallow

no matter the outcome - I would have seen